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Microsoft has for a long time has provided tools called Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) to do remote administration of servers and desktops. These tools are extremely useful if you are regularly having to look at configurations or make changes for machines joined to a Microsoft Windows Domain. Unfortunately, installing these tools is not always that easy since Microsoft has changed the way the tools are installed.

vcenter server certificate status alert

Working with certificates on vSphere has gotten significantly better as each version of vSphere has been released to the public. As VMware transitions to having the vSphere HTML5 Client be the default client and now the Flash-based version considered deprecated as of version 6.7, not all functionality has been carried over to the new client. Sometimes you still need to use the old Flash-based client to work with certificates to make your life easier.

VMware documentation is not always great. While you will find documentation on how to configure SNMP for your ESXi hosts, the way it's presented is not very clear and will leave you scratching your head in confusion for some of you, especially if you've never configured SNMP for your devices or servers. 

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