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1-1 Introduction

Hi! If you been wanting to start a VMware vSphere lab but didn't know where to get started, this series of videos is for you.

In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to download the necessary software from VMware, install ESXi, the hypervisor, onto bare-metal servers, if you choose to go an all hardware route or, if you choose to go to an all-virtual route, I'll show you how to use VMware Workstation for a nested virtualization lab. Additionally, I'll also be showing you how to deploy a Microsoft Active Directory Domain so that you can connect to it and authenticate against it. Next, I'll show you how to deploy a Certificate of Authority (COA) so that you can replace the necessary certificates in your environment so you don't get warnings every time you connect to your environment. Finally, I’ll also be showing you how to install power CLI, the PowerShell module necessary to connect your VMware environment.

Nowadays, scripting is something that's essential in any administrator’s toolbelt since everything is going toward automation. Your basic understanding of how to use PowerShell and PowerCLI is essential so that you can use them to connect to your VMware environment or Microsoft Active Directory Domain.

Again, if you’ve been wanting to start learning VMware vSphere but didn’t know how to put all the necessary pieces together to get yourself a functional VMware lab, this series of videos will show you exactly how to do all those things, step-by-step.


Byron Zepeda

Byron Zepeda is a Senior Systems Engineer in Orange County, California, working with VMware vSphere, Citrix Virtual Apps, backups, and storage. As cloud technologies and automation become first-class citizens within IT organizations, he desires to share everything he learns and pass it on to others.